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K U R T Z & K E L L E Y

We’re Kurtz and Kelley. We met through a mutual friend who knew we’d hit it off, and after we both auditioned for The Voice in 2011, we did! Kurtz was heavily invested in the possibility of stardom, knowing in her gut the show would be a runaway hit, and Kelley thought it might be fun to give it a shot and see what happened. We both got callbacks for a second audition, and while anxiously awaiting potential contracts, classic Kurtz, obsessively curious, called Kelley every single day for news.


Our kids are of similar ages, and when Kelley started babysitting while Kurtz toured, they all became fast friends. The rest is history! In friendship we’re ruthlessly honest, loyal, and steadfast. We laugh often and play cribbage constantly. We’ve walked together through babies, surrogacy, struggles, career transitions and relationships of all kinds, including Kurtz dating in her 40s. Nothing’s out of bounds.


We’re also intentionally co-raising our kids the best we can in two separate houses — we eat, play, learn, and vacation together, and at one point we even cohabitated! We know that above all, community is what allows us to thrive in the wild journey of family life and parenting, and we know we can infuse the homes of our clients with the love and support we’ve cultivated for ourselves. 


R A C H E L  K U R T Z

I’m Rachel Kurtz. I’m a single mom, singer, speaker, kickass home cook, legendary hugger, and yoga teacher with a loud laugh and a strong bod.


My three kids are Henry, Lucy,  and Benton, and they are all loud, emotional, and hilarious, just like their mama. I was 32, 35, and 37 when I had them, respectively, and they were all born via c-section — one dire emergency and the others planned. I really like all the humans I’m raising. I was married when I had my kids, and then I wasn’t. That can be hard. 


I love being a mom, and I’m very honest about the relentlessness of parenting. I’ve been touring and singing for Lutherans and whoever else will listen for over 20 years, and was able to bring all my babies on the road. As such, I’ve pumped and breastfed in every scenario imaginable. I’ve had trustworthy strangers hold my babies at shows. 


My friends are vital to making my life work as a single parent, and creating a space that’s homey and welcoming to everyone who walks through my door really matters to me. An enneagram 2W3, I love people deeply and revel in our differences. I want to walk along with parents on their journey and make them feel loved, seen, and taken care of in exactly the ways they need in the first weeks of parenthood, whether it’s the first babe or the fifth.


K E L L E Y  L A R S O N

I’m Kelley Larson, known on social media and in the music scene as Said Kelley. I’m a wife, mom, server, singer, surrogate, and eternal optimist.


My three kids are Sid, Pru, and Lennon. They were born when I was 21, 22, and 23. At 25 I birthed 17 pounds of baby twins for a couple in Rochester. I had a couple unmedicated deliveries and a couple with epidurals. 


My husband Josh and I were best friends who fell in love. We were engaged, married, and expecting all in two months — I was 20.


I work hard, quick, am loving, loyal, generous, organized, selfless, creative, and content. I end most days with a smile on my face. I’ve babysat dozens of kids over the years and my superpower is my ability to get any baby to nap. My home is a place where people can always find a warm welcome and a cold beer. Drawing from my own childhood, I am raising independent, creative, servant-hearted, and curious kids, and I truly feel that I’m doing it well.


I love how social media connects us and as a true millennial, I have done everything from building a brand and web presence to iPhone photography and video montages for my kid's birthday parties. I know how to walk into a home, see what needs to get done, roll up my sleeves and get to work. I can’t wait to put my magic to work for your family!

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