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W E E K  O N E  

boobs | bathing | buttstuff

Week one with "after the baby bump" is all about boobs, bathing, and butt stuff, and maybe a beer if you're into that sort of thing. From engorged breasts to navigating your milk coming in to hemorrhoids and your first post birth bowel movement, we cover it all. You might not know us yet, but we are about to be besties! We'll sweep into your life with all the love, care, and compassion we can muster. We want to encourage new parents and repeat parents alike that they are strong and capable and this is hard. Parenting is relentless and this is the beginning of a long and exhilarating journey. 


W E E K  T W O

napping | nails | nuks

During our week two visit we cover napping, nails, and nuks. We're going to give you a full pedicure with an extra long foot massage, and then tuck you in for an uninterrupted nap while we tidy and snuggle the baby! We will happily discuss your new bundle's nap situation and offer some tips and tricks that worked for us. Does it feel like your baby is using you for a pacifier? Are you concerned about nipple confusion? Is it time to schedule an in home lactation consultant? We have resources and a shoulder rub for you. You've got this! 


W E E K  T H R E E

soothing | stretching | self care

Self-care feels impossible with a brand new baby, especially if you already have a toddler or two. We're going to come right in and take care of the details of your day. Learn some simple yoga flows from certified yoga instructor, Kurtz, to get back in touch with your new post-baby body. Breathe in and breathe out — sometimes that's all you can do.

When your baby cried all night, you're exhausted beyond your limit,  and you haven’t showered in days, we show all the way up for you. We will hold your baby so you can nap and shower. When you are speechless with fatigue and can’t even articulate what you need, we will encourage you and empower you. Kelley is the actual baby whisperer. She used to get all 6 of our kids to nap at the same time. We can talk about possible ways to help your baby calm down, understanding every baby is different and knowing sometimes they just cry.


You have a brand new baby, and taking a minute for yourself feels selfish or impossible. It’s ok to rest. When you've been nursing or feeding your baby and looking down allllllllll day for weeks on end, get a firm-handed, loving shoulder rub from Kurtz. 


W E E K  F O U R

cooking | creativity | community

"Cooking is my love language. I learned from Ina Garten and my mom and mother-in-law that good food starts with good ingredients. This is why I can and freeze summer produce to save for the middle of the cold winters of MN. My butchers know me by name and herbs make all the difference. I love to make good homey food for family and friends. I love to teach people simple tricks that change how they cook and add delight to meal prep. A good home cooked meal is like a big warm hug, and I can cater to allergies and food sensitivities. When I had my third baby my mother-in-law brought me a hot grilled cheese and heirloom tomato sandwich, a fresh peach and big glass of ice water right after a nap. I cried, it was exactly what I needed. That sense of being cared for is what I want to provide."  --Rachel

By week four you just might be feeling like you are out of the weeds and catching a bit of a rhythm. You might be looking for ways to remember who you are outside of parenting, and finding creativity in the midst of new parenthood is a great way to do that.. We can even discuss creative ways to streamline your space. 

This is when we start bringing your community in, too. Give us the contact info of up to six friends and family, and we'll begin coordinating their help for the six weeks after our work is done.


W E E K  F I V E 

parenting | pumping | pillow talk

In week five we discuss parenting, pumping and pillow talk. Perhaps you are stocking your supply before you head back to work, or just getting out for a night away from your baby. We can talk through family roles and communicating expectations. Nothing's off limits. You might be feeling a tad more sane by this point or are noticing that you might be experiencing postpartum depression. We want to encourage and empower every parent to get the help they need. If you are in a partnership/marriage, it has likely shifted its focus to this new little one and setting up your "new normal". How can you reconnect as a couple or just gain some autonomy as a human? These are often questions that arise for most couples by this stage of parenting.


W E E K  S I X 

boundaries | bottles | saying goodbye

Boundaries, bottles, and saying goodbye. This one's hard for all parties involved (but in a good way, because by now we all really love each other). We want to empower you to ask for what you need as you continue to learn your way through your new family. Kelley will have a video montage from our six weeks together, and we'll have the next six weeks lined up with your loved ones. There might be some hugs and tears...we are pretty great! In the coming weeks, you're going to ease into your new normal, and with that, we release you, refreshed, back into your loving community.

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