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Kick ass



We will bring your business branding to life, improve your internet presence, and creatively curate your content.

Whether you're just getting started, launching a new product, or need an entire overhaul, we are your girls!


This is a 2 hour conversation where we listen, dream, scheme and make a plan on how to move forward. You will walk away feeling confident and excited.


Kelley will design a new logo and together you will choose brand colors. When a logo is done right, it is recognizable and memorable. Like a business selfie you want to plaster on everything.

Basic Website

Kelley is fast and efficient and can give your website a major refresh in a short amount of time. She can make it simple and manageable for you.

Website with ecommerce

Kelley will set up your shop and will give you the tools to add items yourself after we are gone.

Social Media 


After our initial consultation you will have a basic social media plan to make adding to your social media concise and to the point. If you would like us to manage that moving forward, it'll be $100 per week for all copy and posting. Kelley can edit your images and educate you on how to capture the life of your business and share your personality.

Social Media

Education for DIY

Kelley Larson is the master of a streamlined operation. If you want to learn how to edit videos or images, make an image with words, add captions to your videos to make them accessible to everyone and generally be a social media maven, Kelley will sit with you for 2 hours and give you the entire run down. 


We will film, edit and caption your 1-5 minute video. Don't worry if you feel awkward on camera, we know how to make you cute and comfy.

We will cheer you on 

Kurtz is the most excitable human and can pep talk a turtle if necessary. We want you to feel seen, heard and know that you don't have to do everything alone. You are capable to building an empire, you just need the right tools!

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